Kellogg's Dolls' Houses
Enjoy a selection of chapters and articles written about our work.

Charles Kuralt's American Moments
Home, Tiny Home
by Charles Kuralt

The Dollhouse Book
by Stephanie Finnegan

Welcome to the Dollhouse
by Meredith Engel

Cutting-Edge Science
in an Old Whaling Village

by Roger Mummert

A Little Bit of Home
December 31, 2001

In a snap ... Ned Kellogg turns favorite photos into treasured keepsakes
by Rebecca Rhodes

Ned Kellogg's Dollhouses
by Mary Kaliski

Cottage Industry
by Ruth Bashinsky

Excerpts from a piece in
The New York Times

by Dulcie Leimbach

Dream Houses With
No Lawn to Mow

by Elaine Louie